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Current Speakers

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Jason Wallace


Jason has over a decade of experience developing software solutions focusing on data analysis. He has been an innovator on big data projects with the National Security Agency handling some of the largest datasets in the world. Having seen the need to transition from mining big data to reasoning on data streams, he has been on the founding team of two startups. With Vergence Technologies he created a machine learning framework for analyzing images and video for safe city applications, while analyzes clinical documents to design and execute better clinical trials

Khai Minh Pham, MD, PhD


Founder & CEO

A rare profile of combining Medicine (MD) and Artificial Intelligence (PhD) +25 y, including on working extensively on both Machine Learning and Reasoning Computing, Dr. Khai Minh Pham has been a successful innovator entrepreneur in Silicon Valley for 15. Moved to San Diego to be closer to its amazing Life Science community to apply a breakthrough AI Systems Reasoning approach.

He pioneered in Machine Learning market as the founder & CEO of DataMind, a leading AI company using an Intelligent Agent Technology. It was used by major financial institutions, marketing centers, and medical manufacturers, and Bank of America acquired the patent in 2012. Later renamed RightPoint, it was acquired in 2000 by E.piphany (Nasdaq:EPNY) for US$400 Million, still one of the highest acquisitions for an AI-based company.

Today, with, Dr. Pham is pioneering in AI Reasoning market. He believes it will have a major impact because today Machine Learning provides amazing results for self-driving cars or skin cancer image recognition, but it is not enough in domains such as Synthetic Biology, Drug Development, Personalized Medicine…, where sophisticated reasoning using causations instead of correlations is needed.

Previous  Speakers

Pamela Sepulveda

Principal Data Steward

BioTherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences


Christian Aboujaoude

Senior Director 

Enterprise Architecture

Scripps Health

Pamela Sepulveda is a data rockstar who leads digital strategy for Pfizer's BioTherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences, the biologics development organization at Pfizer, where she is accountable for approximately $1B in digital assets for 8 site locations in the US, UK, and India. Pamela is known for her deep passion for metadata which she views as the dark matter that holds together the digital universe. To that end, Pamela is leading enterprise initiatives in autoclassification to automatically enrich files with enhanced metatags and is working to enable next generation search and analytics capabilities. 


Pamela sits on several global committees including Pfizer's Information Security and Insider Threat Councils but it's her work with the Data Steward Councils that speaks to her soul.  She is proud to be one of the inaugural members of Clark Leininger's first Data Steward Council and has seen firsthand how this model bridges the gap between scientists and IT to create effective partnerships, drive meaningful change and positively influence strategic direction.  She now also leads a Data Steward Council for BioTherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences and BioMedical Design.

Christian is an IT professional with 18 years of experience in the healthcare industry working in organizations with 15k + users, leading large scale enterprise projects managing confidential and business related data across multiple data centers on premises and in the cloud. Christian’s experience includes strategic planning, business enhancement and enterprise migrations with a focus on security and process management, while addressing large data set scalability under strict regulations.

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Monica Elrod

Oncology Business Partner

Oncology R&D 


Monica is passionate about scientific data and views it as the company’s most valuable resource. She is a key player in the development and implementation of tools and processes to improve data access, searchability, use and re-use for Oncology R&D. As Oncology Business partner, Monica works with scientists at all levels of the organization how understand IT can enable science, recommending and implementing innovative solutions. She is the lead business partner for all of the Oncology R&D  and runs the ORD Steering Committee responsible for project decision making.


Monica established the ORD Data Steward Council in August 2017 and is blown away by scientist engagement with and commitment to harmonized scientific data workstreams to enable global data sharing for newer modalities such as CRISPR, scRNA and proteomics. She is glad to be part of the Data Steward Council and greatly values the partnership of Clark, Pam, and the rest of the Council.

Clark Leininger

Sr. Manager

Massachusetts Lab Data Informatics


Clark Leininger leads the Massachusetts Lab Data Informatics (MLDi) team within Research & Early Clinical Development Business Technology at Pfizer.  MLDi is responsible for lab data workflows from the configuration of lab computers through the archival of data post-analysis and possesses expertise in Chromatography, Imaging, Flow Cytometry, and Mass Spec-based Omics technologies. 


In addition to leadership of the MLDi group Clark acts as the IT lead for several site & global initiatives including Kendall Square’s Technology Centers, Visiting Scientist Program, and Lab Data Workflow Enhancements.  In 2016 Clark launched Pfizer’s first Data Steward Council in Kendall Square and has since launched four additional Councils as well as a Coordination Team to share best practices across Councils. 

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