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Steering Committee



Bryn Fenwick, PhD

Principal Structural Biologist

Ambry Genetics, a Konica Minolta company

Bryn Fenwick is a Principal Structural Biologist at Ambry Genetics. In his role, he delivers the vision of personalized and precision medicine through computational biology and statistical learning by leveraging genomics, protein function, and drug response. Exemplified by the ability to communicate across technical and business areas, he is dedicated to engaging with individuals and organizations from academia and industry and is committed to positioning genomic interpretation as a cornerstone of modern medicine.


Bryn earned a BSc Hons. in Biochemistry from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and his Ph.D. at the Department of Biochemistry at Cambridge University in the UK.

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Monica Elrod

Oncology Business Partner

Oncology R&D 


Monica is passionate about scientific data and views it as the company’s most valuable resource. She is a key player in the development and implementation of tools and processes to improve data access, searchability, use and re-use for Oncology R&D. As Oncology Business partner, Monica works with scientists at all levels of the organization how understand IT can enable science, recommending and implementing innovative solutions. She is the lead business partner for all of the Oncology R&D  and runs the ORD Steering Committee responsible for project decision making.


Monica established the ORD Data Steward Council in August 2017 and is blown away by scientist engagement with and commitment to harmonized scientific data workstreams to enable global data sharing for newer modalities such as CRISPR, scRNA and proteomics. 

Kelly Milliken
Associate Director, Research Computing
Novartis GNF

Kelly is a seasoned technologist with a lot of business experience across healthcare, biotech and research, and private sector markets. He’s currently Associate Director for Research Computing at Novartis (aka GNF) collaborating with scientific leaders and oversees the Lab IT, Business Intelligence and Client Services functions.


Kelly is especially interested in the virtual reality space sharing his experience with colleagues to uncover new methods for exploratory drug discovery and developing medicines with unmet medical need.

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